Brake Disc Lathe

Brake disc repair

Modern cars are designed with the top quality disc brakes found in the front and rear end of the vehicle. This design has proven to be effective brake system which will ensure you safety and adheres to the vehicle standards set around the world. While most of the disc brakes are designed to be very effective, there is no doubt that it will also undergo rust, moist and long term wear and tear.
In the long run, your disc brakes will not work effectively. This will compromise your safety on the roads as your brakes might not be able to function well. And for this reason, it is time to know the best solution we can afford you.
Our advantages:

We understand your need to have a safe and sound brake system. For this reason, we offer you one of our top of the line brake disc lathe system that will ensure your road safety. There are many advantages of having this system in hand. And this can be summarized as follows:

  • Accurate tip positioning even on the inner face of the disc.
  • Cutting tip holder for a more efficient way of reaching the entire disc surface
  • A Cutting depth at the sides to up to 0.03 inch in one movement
  • Ergonomically designed equipment for better use.
  • A very powerful motor driving the hub

There is no doubt that you will be able to get the most effective brake system for your cars. The brake disc lathe system has been designed to work effectively on all type of vehicles. It is also proven to work even in the worst conditions like severe snowing, slippery roads, and even on vertical slopes. This is made possible as the brake disc lathe system is designed to work efficiently to give your vehicle the needed safety even at the worst case scenario.