Universal Repair Patches


Universal repair units can not only be used to repair radial tire and bias tire, but also inner tube tire. At the technical level, the patches have special gray rubber layer as the clinging layer, at the same time, in order to exempt the repaired place from sinking, also used thicken rubber as raw material to produce this patches.

Item Number Description Size, mm BOX, q'ty
2045 Square, gray gum 45x45 60pcs
2055 Square, gray gum 38 70pcs
2065 Round, gray gum 45 60pcs
2075 Round, gray gum 55 50pcs
Item Number Description Size, mm BOX, q'ty
U030 Round, Aluminium film 32 80pcs
U038 Round, Aluminium film 38 70pcs
U045 Round, Aluminium film 45 60pcs
U055 Round, Aluminium film 55 50pcs
U080 Round, Aluminium film 80 30pcs
2240 Simple adhesive patch sheet 240x480 1pcs