Radial Tyre Patches


This series is used to repair crown, shoulder, and side wall of tires of cars,trucks and construction vehicles. At the technical level, patches have the special gray rubber layer as the clinging layer, such unique design make the patch be full of well spring and strength. These characters can make the repairing effect permanent.

When to use, please choose the right type referring to the comparison table. And please put the arrow of the patch pointing at the tube-bead of tire when repairing.
Item Number Description Layers Size, mm BOX, Q'ty
4045 Radial patch CT-10 1PLY 45x75 25pcs
4060 Radial patch CT-12 1PLY 60x110 10pcs
40751 Radial patch CT-20 2PLY 75x125 10pcs
40752 Radial patch CT-14 2PLY 75x145 10pcs
40753 Radial patch CT-22 2PLY 75x165 10pcs
40754 Radial patch CT-24 3PLY 75x215 10pcs
40755 Radial patch CT-26 3PLY 75x250 10pcs
41001 Radial patch CT-33 3PLY 100x125 10pcs
41002 Radial patch CT-40 3PLY 100x200 10pcs
41251 Radial patch CT-37 3PLY 125x170 10pcs
41252 Radial patch CT-42 4PLY 125x250 10pcs
41253 Radial patch CT-44 4PLY 125x325 10pcs