Two-post lift TL-35A/40A

Two post lift with manual release TL-35/40

Two post lift with electrical release

  • Thikness 5mm column steel plates.
  • Brace 8mm arm and 6mm Internal sliding column, never deform.
  • High strength oiliness macromolecule nylon slide block.

- Required non-less than 150mm cement on the ground, at least C25.

- Double safe antiskid device, from column ladder safe to close protection by dynamic hydraulic pressure, ensure double safe stay for vehicle.

- Endured max. 5T destructive testing, fulfill 3.5T/4T actual working conditions.

- Chain style pulling device, maked the security parameter up to 5 times.

- Total mold tooling technology, to ensure the conformity of both many a holes and welding places.

- Digital control raw materials processing center ensure the minimum discrepancies at stage & product consistency.

- Double cylinder dynamic hoist drive device, capacity is more than 3.5T/4T.

- Aluminum pump device, running time without any break down for at least 40,000 hours.

- Mechanical control hydraulic pressure configuration. Simple, endurable and reliable.

Technical data:

Model: TL-35A / TL-40A
Structure: Two post lift with floor plate & electrical release
Capacity, Kg: 3500 / 4000
Lift height, mm: 1900 / 1900
Rise time, s: 22 / 22
Drop time, s: 50 / 52
Motor power, kW: 2.2 / 2.2
Power supply, V: 220/380
Height, mm: 2826 / 2826
Width, mm: 3167 / 3167
TL-35/40 diagram