Why choose our brake disc lathes

Guangzhou Mingjie Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. (广州市铭杰机械设备有限公司) is a professional manufacturer specializing in products of the on car & on desk brake disc lathe. We are a company including the production, research & development, sales and after sales services.

Our products are made from high quality alloy steel by advanced equipment and German QPQ processing. Meanwhile, we own a strong technician team who constantly develop the technology with auto repair factory. All of these make our products more professional, more precision and more competitive.

    Our products are exported all around the world and we appreciate that all customers satisfy with our products. We will continually supply the best products and do our best to support customers as always.

Compliance with credit, quality assurance, thin profit, development together with customers , this is the motto of our company. We warmly welcome all customers from home and abroad to join us. We supply OEM, ODM services, which can use your own brand and unique products to enlarge your market. The correct choice of products, the fast growth of business.